Dear future wife

Dear future wife, you deserve…
A man who sees you as irresistible and irreplaceable
A man who adores and appreciates you
A man who can’t stop loving and wanting only you
A man whose heart belongs to you
A man who has the mind of Christ and still has enough space in his heart to put you first
A man who would pamper, nurture and protect you
A man who would make sacrifices for you, support you all the way and satisfy you(in the other room)😊
You deserve a REAL( Reliable Exceptional Affectionate Leader) man like me.

Save your home and marriage today

There is this client of ours that comes everyday to the pharmacy just to buy 5 Alive pulpy drink. He simply walks down to the refrigerator, turn a blind eye to every other soft drinks(Fanta, Zero Coke, Chivita, Hollandia yoghurt, ice tea, Teem and the likes) and grabs his Pulpy…it’s as though nothing(not even “water”) satisfies his taste like this drink. When his drink isn’t available, he usually walks always.
It was either Pulpy or nothing.

But come to think of it, why would anyone be so keen on getting a particular drink?
Is it that Pulpy has superior taste than every other soft drink or my client is just accustomed to this drink?

In my opinion, the latter is mostly the case because we all are creatures of habit and soon our brains get conditioned, going on autopilot.

While compulsive/habitual masturbation wouldn’t make one go blind, the brain soon sees the act as the ultimate source of sexual gratification, hence making
sexual intercourse in marriage less pleasurable. This can adversely affect sexual fulfilment and intimacy between couples as one who habitually masturbates may not be sexually attracted to their partner or simply see him/her as another means of self pleasuring.

While cheating on your spouse with another man/woman is very hurtful, how much more when they find out that the other man/woman is you…That can break a home.

Fortunately, you can break this habit before it breaks your home by signing up for a 30minute free consultation session with me, where we would take about your challenges, and provide you with the right knowledge to break free and stay free.

To take advantage of this life changing opportunity, kindly send an email to or contact via whatsapp on 08189360902
PS: This free sessions would run for just 5 weeks and I would only be able to have 3 sessions per day, so if you know anyone who might need this consultation kindly share this information with them. Your simple act of kindness can save a life.
Warm regards.

It all started with a single flip…

While the so called “healthy benefits of masturbation” has become popularized on the internet, the reality of compulsive masturbation attests to a different truth. Ask anyone who is addicted to masturbation or pornography if he feels healthier after “the act”, and he would tell you that the negative effects transend physical health to one’s mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Hello dear, my name is Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa,

I was only 7 years old when I had my first exposure to pornography, and that single flip through that obscene magazine initiated my 10year struggle with compulsive masturbation and pornography addiction.
Getting saved at the age of 10, I had thought that these addictions would just vanish with “the old sinful nature” but I was in for a big surprise as I was still stuck in the act.Coupled with the initial feeling of disgust, shame and helplessness, came the recurrent feeling of guilt and the fear of missing the rapture…

It has been 9 years now since i overcame these sexual addictions but how i wished i had someone back then who could help me out, someone who understood my struggles and could relate with my fears, it probably wouldn’t have taken me a decade to break free.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep suffering in silence nor wallow that long in your struggles because you can now have a free and confidential 30minute consultation session with me, where you can pour out your heart, share your challenges and connect with someone who know just how you feel.

To take advantage of this life changing opportunity, kindly send an email to and include your whatsapp contact.
PS: This free sessions would run for just 5 weeks and I would only be able to have 3 sessions per day, so if you know anyone who might need this consultation kindly share this information with them. Your simple act of kindness can save a life

Getting the help you need

It is often jokingly said that 98% of people masturbate while the remaining 2% are lairs. The truth, not everyone is doing it.

However, the reality is that people sometimes find themselves compulsively involving in this “act”. For some, it starts as an escape from the stress of life while others(mostly singles) see it as a way to satisfy their sexual desires without going into premarital sex. Either way, what these parties eventually realise is that they are soon lost in their own track. A once in a week act gradually evolves into twice a week, thrice weekly then to multiple times a day gulping productive hours and leaving them feeling “wasted” after the act.

As with the case of many addictions, what seems to satisfy yesterday’s craving often becomes insufficient today, giving rise an increased indulgence and a search for alternate means of satisfaction. Hence, the combination of multiple addictions, such as pornography or voyeurism in the case of a compulsive masturbator.
The truth is, one can’t simply get enough of any addiction and neither would any of such act be able to quench the deep inner longing for true love, acceptance, pleasure, control and security which the human soul seeks. Hence the disappointment and frustration an individual experiences when he or she discovers that the very “thing” which was suppose to give him freedom is only a comfort bed in a prison room.
Life becomes tougher when he realises(like Alice in wonderland) that there seems to be no way out of this miserable prison, one he himself had believed was an escape route. 

One would have thought that anyone who builds a tunnel should know the way around it, but that’s not always true for a compulsive habit like masturbation or pornography. While few are able to break free without  much difficulty, many others need a helper.

It took me a decade to break free from masturbation and pornography addiction, but it doesn’t have to take you that long. I want to help you do so in a shorter space of time and that’s why I am offering you a free 30minutes consultation session where you can get the help you need. To take advantage of your free session, kindly send a mail to anuoluanuoluwapoademuyiwa@gmail or contact me via whatsapp on 08189360902.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Get free, stay free.

PS: This free sessions would run for just 5 weeks and I would only be able to have 3 sessions per day, so if you know anyone who might need this consultation kindly share this information with them. Your simple act of kindness can save a life

Monday Faithpills: Vision or Resolution

Hi dearest!!!

Happy new year, it’s your year of elevation and restoration. In the midst of economic depression, you would experience divine acceleration and mind blowing prosperity.

It’s our first Monday faithpills in the new year, and sincerely I am tossed between different subjects to write about. However, a good way to start the year would be to understand the power of a vision.

Making new year resolutions often marks the beginning of the year for most people, and the desire to stop or start doing one thing or the other seems to become a top priority. However, these desires only last a few days to weeks before they are lost in the busyness of everyday living.

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”
Habakkuk 2:2-3 KJV

God recommends a vision instead, one that is writtenvisible(with pictures), time-bound and stimulating. This way, success can be guaranteed as we start out with a clear picture of the end in mind, running with perseverance even when faced with obstacles along the way.

The fact that your vision for 2015 didn’t materialise isn’t enough reason to run this year without one. Often times, the reason why this happens is because we easily  lose focus on them and that’s why God recommends that we make the vision plain visible. Convert your written vision into pictures and daily visualise what it would look and feel like when it comes to past. This is very important because, as Bankole Williams often says “We become what we behold”.

A vision board is an excellent and empowering tool that can help us fix our focus on the vision throughout the year.



This year, go beyond new year resolutions…start with a vision, and run with it. Remember, nothing is impossible to the believer, therefore dream big and make no small plans.

This would be your best year ever, may you be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers.

Stay positive and live fully.

Your friend.

Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa

Monday Faithpills: The place of work(Prayers don’t fry plantain)

Hi dearest!!!

Good morning, bet you had a wonderful weekend. It’s so great to have you around once again.

This week, you would experience supernatural favour and speed. Doors of opportunity would open for you on every side, indeed your territory would be enlarged and your ban shall overflow with blessing upon blessing. You would walk with clarity, instructed by God’s spirit on what to do, when to do and how to do, and your path shall shine brighter and brighter.

You are blessed beyond measure dearest!

It’s a blessed new week and in today’s Monday Faithpills we would be talking about the place of work.

Last week, we spoke about the power of desire, how that your desires(both “spiritual and non-spiritual” are valid and God-given(divine),  and that God is committed to bringing your desires to materialization.


Today, we would take it a step further. Am sure you are wondering what my relationship with plantain is in recent times. Wink*

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26 KJV

It’s amazing how God teaches us biblical principles and guide us through everyday life with simple activities(we do) or things(around us).

While there is an enormous power available to bring our desires into materialization via prayer, it is important to note that prayer(alone) can’t get the job done. May i burst your bubbles by saying, in fact, there are certain things prayer isn’t designed to handle.

For example, imagine that after receiving the plantain, I  dropped it in the kitchen and went into my closet to pray(say for an hour because of the seriousness of the matter) that it be turned into fried plantain within the next three days. What do you think would happen to that ripe plantain?
You are absolutely right, it would have gone from ripe to rotten in three days!

We must understand that prayer isn’t a shortcut, but a gateway to receiving the desires of our heart even as God’s spirit instructs us on what we must do to take delivery of out desires.  By faith, we receive that we which desire but by work, we lay hold of the same.

Therefore, whatever it is you have prayed for, this is not the time to sit back and wait for it to drop into your laps like ripe cherries… You need to go out there and take corresponding actions.
Who knows, your employment letter may have been long ready, only awaiting your pick up…

This week, step out in faith & take actions in line with your desired  outcome, fully confident that God has answered your prayers(when you prayed). It’s time to take delivery of your desires…
What you are waiting for might just be waiting for you!!!

Love you to bits.

Stay positive and live fully!

Yours faithfully,

Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa
Author of Freedom from Sin

PS. Please, I would love to read your testimonies as you take actions in line with your desires during the week. Feel free to drop them in a comment.

Day 3(my 500 words challenge)

Workplace reality…lessons learnt

…so I started out by saying;

‘Olubukola mi(adding “mi” meaning “my” was my strategy to make her feel loved. Wink*),
Morning honey
Eyah(sorry)…I feel you honey
Workplace criticism could be a big deal
And sorry about the associated feeling it brings along mylove
Although I am a bit surprised that this is coming from that sweet and impeccable woman
Often time bosses express their need for increased performance and productivity via criticism(instead of complaining)
Olubukola mi, the twist about criticism(I mean constructive criticism) is that it really isn’t an attack on your personality or ability but a question of your productivity & performance(I mean coupling your personality and inherent abilities to yield result)
In reality, criticism is a part of life and the workplace…and it’s simply a call to action (awaken the giant within you, not demoralize you if done appropriately)
However the imperfection in communication, you can use criticism to your advantage’

She responded, saying…
I actually understand your point and I think you get the situation right
But it doesn’t feel like criticism anymore. I feel like I’m being attacked often times

(It was time to strategy again, so I quickly made a  suggestion)
Then we have to befriend our boss again, she may be under some pressure which she is unconsciously or consciously passing on to you honey mi
Get her lunch or some thing, but somehow find a way to chat with her when she’s in a good mood, that way we can know her definite and exact need, and possibly how she want those needs met…she is your first client you know🙊😘
Everything is gonna be alright mylove

Bukola Odu. A: Thanks dear. You’re a blessed friend

Anuoluwapo Israel: You are always welcome honey mi. Anything for you

And one thing we have to constantly remind ourselves of that “Our bosses aren’t angels, they are like us mere humans with weaknesses”
𪰽Bukola Odu. A: Plenty hugs.
I understand though, and I have promised myself to keep pushing harder, I just don’t want to feel so bad while I’m working hard at things
Anuoluwapo Israel: And remember, no one can make you feel bad without your permission… You & you alone are responsible for your emotions. 🙊🙈
Bless your heart Olubukola mi. Stay positive & live fully.
Anu believes in you and he is very proud about you. 👍😎
Go girl, you are unstoppable!

Bukola Odu. A:, you are just too good a friend
Anuoluwapo Israel: Ose(Thanks) love…seeing you happy, positive and successful is my greatest joy Olubukola mi.

There is a thin line between complaining and criticising, and it is not uncommon to see seemingly “unharmful” complaints turn into corrosive and otherwise poisonous criticism. While I wouldn’t guarantee you joy and happiness when someone complains about your performance at the workplace, the effect of criticism utterly snuffs out every iota of joy you may have bundled to the workplace