Unanswered questions

Few weeks ago, a dear friend at my work place asked about the story of Cain(Abel’s brother). Before she went on with her questions, she said “I know you have read the Bible from cover to cover(by the way,she was wrong) and you should know the answers”. To her disappointment, I replied ” My answer is that I don’t know the answers”. You should have seen the expression on her face.

 What were her questions, you might ask? 1.If Adam and Eve(Cain’s parents) were the only humans God created at the beginning, who then gave birth to Cain’s wife? 2. Who was Cain referring to when he said  “Today you are driving me from the land, I will be hidden from your presence: I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and WHOEVER finds me will kill me” (Genesis 4:14 NIV) ?  

Not long after she left, I sat to really think about the whole thing and I realised there is certain information that isn’t fully detailed in the Scriptures. Several men have wandered away in search of those answers and eventually got lost(back into the world) in the process due to disappointment of futile research…  

Regardless of what the case might be(whether I get all the answers or not), I am a living testimony that Jesus is alive. I have seen the lame walk and the blind see…I have been healed a couple of times, and seen a friend’s legs grow out all in the name of Jesus. Although,I might not have all the answers, I know the Truth and He has indeed set me free(John8:32).

  On a second note, I thought…really, if we knew everything about everything, we probably wouldn’t need God. Hence, I guess He did what He had to do so we can always need Him- The Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God!

These are just my thoughts and opinions, what are yours?


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