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Monday faithpills: Big problems? Bring it on!

“By the blast of your nostrils the water piled up. The surging waters stood firm like a wall; the deep waters congealed in the heart of the sea.” Exodus 15:8 NIV

While the Israelites thought of the Red sea as a dead end, God saw a piece of cake…a situation that wouldn’t even require Him to say a word, all He did was what He always does- breathe.

After successfully passing through  the Red sea, Moses couldn’t but become a song writer-he actually composed a song for God, praising His holy name and mighty work (Exodus 15:1-18). I decree that very soon you would also have a song of praise!

My dear, when the Bible recorded that God rested on the seventh day of creation (Genesis 2:2), He actually did and every other thing that was going to happen/not happen was somewhat dependent on our appropriation/inappropriaton of His eternal word.
One would have thought that for “a very big problem” such as that of crossing the Red sea, God would have needed to have a round-table meeting with all the heavenly stakeholders inorder to profer a solution…that sounds logical right? But God is not a man, He is simply God! There is no such thing as a problem/very big problem with Him.

God did all that had to be done at creation, and He need not do any additonal thing as it were. May I repeat that, He need not do any additional thing! No wonder He told Moses to stop crying out to Him…He had done His part of the deal and all that Moses had to do was to stretch forth his staff(a picture of the word)

Anuoluwapo, “this sounds Old Testament-ish, what does the New Testament have to say about it- (God not having to do any additional thing as it were)?”

Okay, lets see the second Epistle of  Peter.
“His divine power has given us every thing we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness”  2 Peter 1:3

Again, we see the scripture referring to God’s provision as something He had already accomplished for us- “His divine power has (not will)…”

My dear, God is not about to set up a committee to look into our situation/problem- His word is the solution! So whether it’s a mild headache or a cancer,just lay hold of the word, speak it forth…and watch it give way, bring that spiritual reality into physical manifestation!

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Really sorry the post is coming this late.

Bless your darling heart.

Peace & love.xo

Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa.


How to create abundance; The road financial freedom.


“He who works his land will have
abundant food…” Proverbs 12:11

When God speaks, His words become princples we can live by.

In the Bible verse above, God gave us a principle that will create abundance if followed through with it. The opposite (not working your land) is also true-resulting in lack.

The solution to lack is not in fasting and praying as it were, but a working of one’s land.

“What’s Anuoluwapo trying to say? Isn’t prayer important?”

Don’t get me wrong my dear, maybe I should refine that statement- prayer and fasting alone would not lead anyone into abundance.

In as much as praying is very important (infact, when we prayer concerning a lack, God doesn’t send down money from heaven but gives us an idea/instruction on how to meet that need) but no matter how divine the idea might be, it will do us no good if we do not put it to work.

In his famous book “Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill summarized the secret to Mr Andrew Carnegie’s success in- “ALL ACHIEVEMENT, ALL EARNED RICHES, HAVE THEIR BEGINNING IN AN IDEA!” 

Work and abundance go hand in hand, we can’t expect to live in abundance if we lazy about doing nothing. Men who became great in our world were  those that had an idea(divinely inspired/stimulated by a need) and worked at it until it became a reality.

Hence, if we are not living in abundance then it’s either of two reasons-
1. We are not working, simply put; we are lazy.


2. We are not working our lands ( bringing those ideas into actualization)

Have you met average salary earners (I mean people who depend solely on their pay check for a living)? They never have enough!

As a result, they are almost always in debt before the month ends.

“You shouldn’t be that harsh Anuoluwapo, you are not in their shoes and should not make such conclusions…”

Okay, sincerely I really do not have an issue with earning a salary (I earn one myself) especially if one is re-investing it into one’s business, an idea-your own land, and I haven’t just been in their shoes my dear…I have worn those shoes to parties and church services(where I could not even give God an offering)!

Can I say the truth (I always do anyway…smiling)? Your salary wasn’t meant to make you wealthy, your business(own land/idea) was. Let me repeat that for emphasis.

Your salary wasn’t meant to make you wealthy, your business(own land/idea) was.

And until we start investing some fraction of our salaries (as salary earners) into our businesses, the road to financial freedom and abundance will be a distant one.

God doesn’t want us poor and needy, but rich and wealthy. Gone are the days of ignorance when poverty was synonymous to Christianity.

God can’t be blamed for any lack arising in our lives. The scripture says He is the one that gives us power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18)…He is never(not for once) delighted when we lack and don’t have enough(Psalm 35:27).

So my dear, after you have prayed and fasted,

Put down your idea(s),

Save some money,

re-invest into your idea(s),

Get to work!

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Your prosperity is my top priority.

Bless your darling heart,

Peace & love.xo

Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa

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Monday faithpills: Choosing between Egypt and the red sea


Have you noticed that God’s instructions doesn’t always make sense? Here is one of such

‘Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”‘ Exodus 14:13-14 NIV

It’s often unnatural for a nation to be afraid in times of war if she has the necessary man power and
weapon to successfully win the war without encountering any lost. But this was not the case at present in the lives of the Israelites, they had just been released from a 430year slavery and then this…six hundred of Pharaoh’s best chariots, along with other chariots of Egypt were after them. And all that God could say was “to be still”…stay still and be murdered in cold blood? This is a crazy idea!

‘Then the Lord said to Moses, ”
Why are you crying out to me?…”‘

No wonder they were scared to death, even Moses started crying (vs. 15 above)

At some point in our lives, we are faced with challenging situations, stuck in between dreadful Egptian chariots and the Red sea. We feel like giving up, or just like the Israelites-prefer to go back into Egypt(our familiar past, the land of oppression and slavery) where there are seemingly no new challenges…atleast we might not have all the freedom we desire but are sure to have daily food and sustenance.
At such times, God doesn’t want us crying or complaining(like the Israelites ), but desires that we lay hold of His word(the Staff) and speak over the situation, fully assured of His faithfulness(1 Thessalonians 5:24)

“…Tell the Israelites to move on.” Exodus 14:15

Are you having financial difficulties, health issues, stuck between undesirable situations, or  considering giving up on your dreams and visions?
This was the case the Israelites were faced with, but we both know how the story ended…God told them to move on, He supernaturally made a way though the Sea and they walked on dried land. He is saying the same thing to you today my dear “to move on”
For He has said “…I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:19.

Get God’s word into your system my dear,exercise your faith, speak the word, move on and watch Him do the unusual in the life!

You are deeply loved, highly valued and always accepted by God!

Bless your darling heart,

Peace and love.

Thanks for dropping by.xo

Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa

Licence to Sin?  

  The most popular argument against the teaching of grace is that “it is a licence to sin” but there is really no strong basis for this argument. Our understanding of what and who grace is totally debunks such theories and ideologies, for we know that Christ came for this very purpose – to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). Besides, you can’t truly know and receive God’s love and the next thing you want to do is run back into sin.  

The Apostle Paul addressing the Roman church concerning this particular issue wrote this for our benefit:      

  “What shall we say, then? Should we continue to live in sin so that God’s grace will increase? Certainly not! We have died to sin- how then can we go on living in it?”  Romans 6:1-2  

Grace is not a licence for anyone to continue in sin because we have been baptized into union with Christ Jesus and his death hence, we have victory over sin.  

In conclusion, the grace of God is the greatest gift and the most powerful weapon made available to all men through and in the person of Jesus Christ. It is only accessible by faith and is given freely so that, regardless of what we have done or who we have been in the past, we can partake of it.  

Grace is not based on man’s work but on God’s choice, and the good news is that He has chosen you!        

Fear not!

‘But Samuel said, “How can I go? Saul will hear about it and kill me” Then Lord said, “Take a heifer with you and say…”‘ 1 samuel 16:2 A critical look at this verse shows us God’s attitude towards “fear”.

Back track to eighth chapter of first Samuel (1 Samuel 8), and you would see the people of Israel rejecting God as their king (vs. 7). They had seen neighbouring nations having kings that ruled over them hence, desired a king too (vs. 4).

Being a faithful and loving God, He heard their request and instructed Samuel to anoint Saul as their king (1Samuel 9:15-16). King Saul was doing great until he rebelled against God, choosing rather to please men (whom he was to serve) than God (who appointed him as king-see 1 Samuel 15:13-23).

Fast forward to chapter sixteen, and God went visiting. He came to Samuel’s house, giving him instructions as regards choosing a new king for Israel (while Saul was still alive) because He had rejected him as king. Samuel’s reply, which is what we see above indicated his fear- that Saul would kill him if he hears about his intention. What surprises me is not the fact that Samuel was afraid of dying (it’s only natural, especially when it’s done by piercing with a sword), but what God said in reply “Take an heifer…”. My question is, wasn’t God listening? Samuel was talking about a serious matter (death) and God was talking to him about a heifer (a mere animal). This don’t seem to make sense…  

Through out the Scripture, we see God (and even His angel) instructing His people not to fear. It’s obvious that God had everything against fear; no wonder He didn’t respond to Samuel’s display of fear. His Word says that He hasn’t given us the spirit of fear (because He simply doesn’t have it to give) but of power (the direct working of faith), love and sound mind.  

Fear comes by listening to the devil’s lies,
 faith also come by hearing; hearing the Word of God.

Fear tells you that God’s Word is of the past( it’s not viable any longer),
 but faith brings God’s Word to past in our lives.

Fear says “God’s Word is not true, and He just might not come through”,
Faith says “God’s Word is forever true and He will always come through”.

Fear brings doubt, Faith brings power. The devil wants us doubting, he knows that a doubleminded man can not receive anything from God-James 1:6-8.

God wants us believing and trusting because He wants us to receive everything He’s got.

By and with faith,a man becomes all that God says he is. In fear, he simply becomes all that the devil wants him to be.

God’s Word is the seed for faith, Devil’s lies are the seeds for fear.

Faith is Now,
Fear is never.

Faith is a call to rest,
Fear is a call to worry and struggle.

Therefore, fear not! God is more than able.  

Thanks for dropping by. Do have a great new week, bless your darling heart.   God loves you! xo        

The Secret Deciphered: Part One

Let go and let God…live a better life fully assured of the Father’s love.

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(This is mostly a rehash of all my old posts, but told and shown in brightly new ways!)

I want to write about The Secret and how it compares to my enlightenment with ayahuasca.

Back in 2006, Rhonda Byrne published The Secret and it quickly became a self-help bestseller.  After hearing about it from my brothers girlfriend, I hopped on the new-age bandwagon and borrowed her audiobook, then bought the movie.

I understood the concept, I thought frequently about the science behind it before ever having heard of the book (I’ve read a lot of books on physics and string theory).  I fully understood how and why it worked – but I did so on the superficial level.  I haven’t actually experienced it.  I didn’t have the feel for it.  The feel that can only come with experience.

Feelings are felt in the limbic system – a place of no…

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Come, buy without money!!!


“Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!”
Isaiah 55:1 MSG

This just doesn’t make any sense, how can anyone tell people to come buy without money? He is either running a charity or trying to win a champaign…

To the natural man, this is bad business and it might never happen…but with our God, there are no impossibilities.  No wonder He says to “come, buy and eat” without money, for in His kingdom our currency is not cash; our currency is faith. There are no limitations to the resources of heaven!

Faith is the heavenly currency, without which we can make no transaction in the kingdom. It’s our purchasing power and it wasn’t meant to make sense.