How to create abundance; The road financial freedom.


“He who works his land will have
abundant food…” Proverbs 12:11

When God speaks, His words become princples we can live by.

In the Bible verse above, God gave us a principle that will create abundance if followed through with it. The opposite (not working your land) is also true-resulting in lack.

The solution to lack is not in fasting and praying as it were, but a working of one’s land.

“What’s Anuoluwapo trying to say? Isn’t prayer important?”

Don’t get me wrong my dear, maybe I should refine that statement- prayer and fasting alone would not lead anyone into abundance.

In as much as praying is very important (infact, when we prayer concerning a lack, God doesn’t send down money from heaven but gives us an idea/instruction on how to meet that need) but no matter how divine the idea might be, it will do us no good if we do not put it to work.

In his famous book “Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill summarized the secret to Mr Andrew Carnegie’s success in- “ALL ACHIEVEMENT, ALL EARNED RICHES, HAVE THEIR BEGINNING IN AN IDEA!” 

Work and abundance go hand in hand, we can’t expect to live in abundance if we lazy about doing nothing. Men who became great in our world were  those that had an idea(divinely inspired/stimulated by a need) and worked at it until it became a reality.

Hence, if we are not living in abundance then it’s either of two reasons-
1. We are not working, simply put; we are lazy.


2. We are not working our lands ( bringing those ideas into actualization)

Have you met average salary earners (I mean people who depend solely on their pay check for a living)? They never have enough!

As a result, they are almost always in debt before the month ends.

“You shouldn’t be that harsh Anuoluwapo, you are not in their shoes and should not make such conclusions…”

Okay, sincerely I really do not have an issue with earning a salary (I earn one myself) especially if one is re-investing it into one’s business, an idea-your own land, and I haven’t just been in their shoes my dear…I have worn those shoes to parties and church services(where I could not even give God an offering)!

Can I say the truth (I always do anyway…smiling)? Your salary wasn’t meant to make you wealthy, your business(own land/idea) was. Let me repeat that for emphasis.

Your salary wasn’t meant to make you wealthy, your business(own land/idea) was.

And until we start investing some fraction of our salaries (as salary earners) into our businesses, the road to financial freedom and abundance will be a distant one.

God doesn’t want us poor and needy, but rich and wealthy. Gone are the days of ignorance when poverty was synonymous to Christianity.

God can’t be blamed for any lack arising in our lives. The scripture says He is the one that gives us power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18)…He is never(not for once) delighted when we lack and don’t have enough(Psalm 35:27).

So my dear, after you have prayed and fasted,

Put down your idea(s),

Save some money,

re-invest into your idea(s),

Get to work!

Thanks for dropping by,

Your prosperity is my top priority.

Bless your darling heart,

Peace & love.xo

Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa

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  1. Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa September 26, 2013 at 12:08 pm Reply

    Thanks for dropping by and the “like” Andrew. Bless your darling heart

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