Monday faithpills; A personal relationship with God

  ‘So they quarrelled with Moses and said, ” Give us water to drink”‘ Exodus 17:2  

Can you imagine that even after all the miraculous acts God had wrought through Moses, the Israelites still had issues trusting God. It’s amazing how they never went directly to God  in prayer, I bet they thought Moses was their source; it was obvious the Israelites knew Moses more than they knew God Himself (Psalm 103:7)  

The knowledge of God is crucial in our walk with Him Infact it will almost be impossible to walk with God if we don’t know Him, and the only way to truly know God is by having a personal relationship with Him. You will notice I said a “personal relationship”.  

It’s very easy for us to become comfortable with a general knowledge of God, a mere awareness of Him as the Creator of the universe or even more, to only know what the pastor says about Him in church but this knowledge can only take us as far as a bicycle would take to reach the American embassy from Nigeria; an almost(if not totally) impossible journey. Such was the case of the Israelites. They had no personal relationship with God and they hardly ever call on Him(directly), except they were in need- to them, God was the big guy at the emergence call centre...  
Moses on the other hand had a personal relationship with Him- a relationship not limited to meeting his needs. He knew exactly when, what and how God spoke and had no problem recognizing His voice.  
May I ask you a question, do you have any difficulties recognizing mummy’s voice? I bet you don’t. Why? Obviously, it’s because you just know, you knew that because you often relate with her(maybe even more than you do with dad) and you wouldn’t mistaken her voice for your uncle’s.  

It’s very risky if all we know about God is what we heard someone say about Him, or even worst if we always run to our pastors for prayer because we don’t believe we have enough faith (which is still an indication that we don’t have a personal relationship). What will happen to us when pastor’s line doesn’t go through in time of trials?  

God created us for relationship, way back in the garden of Eden the scriptures records how He often came in the cool of the evening to chat with Adam…and I bet He is still in the business of chatting with His sons and daughters, revealing Himself in diverse ways.

  My dear, beyond going to church or just reading the bible(as a daily routine) God desires a personal relationship with you and I, plus it’s only through the knowledge of Him that we can be truly be strengthened when faced with life trials and do exploit(Daniel 11:32).

Blessed by the word?

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God bless your darling heart.


Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa.    


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2 thoughts on “Monday faithpills; A personal relationship with God

  1. abenitemi October 22, 2013 at 1:13 pm Reply

    This is so true, that is why you see most Christians pray and say “God of this, God of that please answer my prayer”. until we learn to know the same God can be our God we will not be able to assess the power we have in him. Thanks for this post, God bless you.

  2. Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa October 23, 2013 at 5:09 pm Reply

    You are welcome my dear Temi, and thanks for commenting…God bless you too.

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