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Warning! This principles will change your life forever

Hi dear, thanks for dropping by…

I am 100% certain that this article will help you achieve your dreams! Oh! Just to prepare your mind, it’s going to be a long but very productive read. So sit back, relax and let me show you (from the scripture) divine principles that will help create the very future you desire. Happy reading!

  Looking back, my week was quite busy but I could hardly pinpoint my achievements…all I remember doing was going to work(because I had to) and spending the rest of the day romancing my android phone to the extent that my hands were aching(especially my elbow joint). I ended up not doing anything else other than reading and replying mail…oh the good feeling of seeing a new notification.

What a waste of productive time!!!

I had to stop this rubbish, it wasn’t getting me any closer to my dreams…oh, did I just say something about “dreams”? I bet I did, I want to believe we all have dreams, a future we so desire, something we want to achieve, become or create someday. So how come we haven’t created the very future we desire yet?

Simply put, it’s because we don’t dream on a daily basis; no daily vision.  

What do you do when you wake up every day? If you are like me, you probably say a short prayer and quickly grab your phone…it was that bad. With no written plans or visions for the day, I ended up achieving nothing significant, and why wouldn’t I? I can’t achieve what I haven’t envisioned.

Simply put, the reason why we sometimes achieve nothing is because we didn’t set out to do anything specific in the first place. Hence, we end up attending to every urgencies(the next mail) since we initially have no priorities.  

“I can’t continue this way”, speaking to myself…I was getting frustrated already, so yesterday evening I did something about me- I told God about it.
What you would see below are the principles, are the 3G( 3, because there 3 in number & G, because it’s God-inspired) principles of a successful life that He taught me on  how He achieved His own dream in the beginning, and how we can also achieve ours if we follow through

1.   You need to have a dream  

” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…” Genesis 1:1

 In the beginning, God had a dream of a heaven and an earth, it was something that was up their in His mind; a picture(vision) of what He desired. But for heaven and earth to move from just being a picture into reality(tangible/physical state), God had to create it.
The word “create” means to bring into existence, make or cause to be. Things don’t just appear, they have to be consciously and actively created.

The first principle to achieving your dream is to actually have a dream.
My week went the way it went because I didn’t have a specific dream for the week, and no matter how much you desire something in life…if you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it. God gave us the power of imagination so we can picture the future we desire. In fact, nothing was ever created was created until it first existed in an imaginary form- in someone’s mind. The computer, phones, cars, airplanes and so on that we see today were products of someones dream. God had to see an imaginary heaven and earth before He then “brought them into reality”.
Imagination, I believe is the only available vehicle by which a man can visit his future from his present. If you can’t see whatsoever you desire, you can’t create it.    

2. You should consistently do
something about your dream  

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.  Genesis 1:3-5 KJV

Something struck me as I read those verses of scripture…”wait a minute, are you saying all that the almighty God did on the first day of creation was just to create a single thing- light, and the day was over?” Absolutely!  

Often time we try to achieve a thousand and one things in a day(and we eventually get frustrated) but the Creator of the universe created just the light on the first day, and as far as He was concerned the day ended after He had achieve that one thing. I believe that God could have created the entire universe in a day or less, buy He didn’t. Rather, He choose to “simplify” things for our sake(showing us how we can and should go about our dreams), doing one or two things per day.

Every single day, God did something about His dream of creation, He could have worked on the first day, rest on the next and then resume work on the third but God didn’t. He created a piece of what He had seen on a daily basis. We have to devote our time, energy and resources to achieving per day, something that relates to our ultimate dream. For God, no day passed by without Him creating something that was in line with His ultimate dream. God knew He had to be consistent if He wanted to see His dream come true& untill He was done creating…He never rested. For Him, rest wasn’t a privilege/luxury, but a reward for having accomplished His dream.

Don’t get me wrong, am I saying you should murder sleep and work day and night without rest? No way! The main point is that once you have discovered what your dream is, you should let no single day pass by without you doing something about it; even if it’s just reading it out loud! I bet there were angels who just wanted to chat with God, but chatting had to wait until He had achieved for the day, something (a specific thing) that moved Him closer to the realisation of His dream…every other thing had to be on the waiting lists. Once He was done, He could then chat… only after, not before!

Applying this principle, I had to switch off the notification icon on my phone and only put it on after I have achieved something in line with my ultimate dream per day. Hence, chatting, reading and replying mails will be a reward for achievement. Wink*

 Inorder to keep focus on our dreams (which are our priorities) on a daily basis, it is paramount that we are able to differentiate, & have the right approach towards what’s really important to us and those things that are of less/no importance (called urgencies, for example aimlessly surfing the web…).
* Must Do
*Comes First
*Can’t wait or be deferred
*20% input =80% output
*Might not feel good at first, but leaves you fulfilled and glad *Leads to the future you desire  

* Will do
*Comes Next(after you are done with the important things) *Can(&should) wait, be deferred or delegated
*80% input =20% output
*Makes you feel good at first but leaves you sad and unfulfilled in the long run
*Leads nowhere  

Identify your priorities(which are activities in line with your ultimate dream), others can wait!

3. You should surround yourself with the right association(s)  

‘Then God said, “Let us create…”‘ Genesis 1:26

The third principle is the principle of association, that is ,surrounding oneself with the right people. If the God needed a “us” in achieving His dream of creation- I bet we do too.
Wait a minute, Anuoluwapo…are you saying that the almighty God needed help? No my dear. The point is, God knew there was a greater benefit in association(working together) than in isolation.  

The place of association is very crucial in achieving our dreams, and this is not about following the crowd or joining every mailing list (recently I had to unsubscribe from some mailing list, it had absolutely nothing to do with my dreams. Sometimes I wondered why I signed up for them in the first place…I guess the word “FREE” is quite tempting. Wink*)

When it comes to achieving our dreams, two sets of associations are required.

1. People that have succeeded in achieving what we intend to do – mentors/role models

2. People who will have to work hand in hand with us, by that I mean co-workers  

For example, if your dream is to be a published author, then you will need to associate with successful authors (as mentors/role models), and others such as an editor, book cover designer and so on who you need to work with(co-workers) inorder to achieve your dream.

Without these two associations(mentors&co-workers), achieving ones dream might just be the next “Mission Impossible”.
Hmm…one sure association you should have around you is the trulyrich club, it’s a blend of the two sets of association I mentioned above, where you meet mentors and co-workers who are dedicated to helping you achieve both your spiritual and financial dreams.    

A quick recap of the 3G principles for achieving your dreams and creating the future you desire

1. You need a dream; you must first identify what you want in life. Clarity of vision is the most important principle of success.

2. You should consistently take a step or two towards achieving your dream on a daily basis and avoid distractions(that come as urgencies)

3. You should surround yourself with the right association(s)

  I bet you have been enriched with the right tools for achieving your dreams and creating the future you desire…so go ahead, put them to work, and just as  Bo Sanchez will say-may your dreams come true!

See you at the top!

Bless your darling heart , and thank for your patience.  


Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa  

PS. I believe we are blessed so we could be a blessing to others. Blessed by the post? Don’t forget to share with the people around you.


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