Church goer or Christ follower?

Hi dear friend,  

Thanks for dropping by & happy new week. Wink*

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and you have been good?

  Okay, the purpose of this post isn’t to throw stones at you for not going to church again this sunday.smiling…it’s about something greater and better- being a follower of Christ.  

“Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children” Ephesians 5:1 KJV

Born and raised by christian parents, I was very familiar with my church(I mean, it’s location and structure), but who wouldn’t? It was a place we(mum, dad and the kids) went to atleast three times a week- Monday, friday and sunday. Oh, Mum and dad(being workers in church) even went on saturdays for workers’ meeting.

  For a period of ten(10) years, I went to church because I had to.

Going to church as a kid was real fun though, I practically slept all the way and when I wasn’t doing that, the bench became my drum while my pencil, the drum stick…church was another playing ground for me. Wink*

Oh, how could I forget, sunday school was the best part of the church experience(atleast, before I started my sleeping competition). How I loved hearing those bible stories- the pathing of the red sea blew my mind, but the best of the them all was how Jesus fed five thousand people with five(5) loaves of bread and two(2) fishes. Hmm, I wished Jesus could come stay in our house…we would never go hungry.

You see, I was the typical definition of a church goer, one who went to church,  knew “about” Jesus but didn’t have a relationship with Him.  

During those years, I was just as good as any moralist could be…didn’t lie, steal nor do immoral thing. But that didn’t last forever. Soon, I was trapped by my desires…my inherent sinful nature went full blown, was stucked in masturbation and my “pure” & innocent heart suddenly became corrupted with immoral thoughts. I couldn’t help myself anymore, and my self-righteousness became nothing to write home about.  

While it’s not a sin to be a church goer(like I was for good ten years), I believe it’s quite dangerous to remain one. God desires that  beyond just going to church, we will also come to have a personal relationship with Him through His Son. I was bound in sin & couldn’t help myself for as long as I remained a church goer,  but everything change when I met Jesus. He saved me from the nature of sin & gave me a new life.  
Today, I no longer stuggle with sin and I have moved from being a church goer to being a Christ follower!  

How was your childhood experience in the church?  

Are you still a church goer or now a Christ follower?

  God loves you, and that’s the reason He sent Jesus- that we might have life & have it more abundantly. There’s little or nothing to enjoy being a church goer, so step up my dear and be a Christ follower.

That’s where the fun & life is!!!  

Bless your darling heart.


Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa


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