Seed, faith& harvest

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About 4 months ago, I came across a book written by Oral Roberts- 21st Century Seed-faith Principle. Prior to that time, I had heard about the principle of
sowing & reaping, I remember sowing my old wrist watch in church(December, 2010) only to be given a brand new one(by my elder brother) the next morning. It was really an amazing experience, beyond the preaching…I saw it worked!

  The seed-faith principle is a biblical principle enacted by God himself(see Genesis8:22), and it is based on the law of sowing & reaping- which states that “Whatsoever a men sows, that he will also reap“.

Okay, sincerely this is not as hard as you think, and by the way, you do not need a “great” measure of faith inorder to put this principle to work. For example, when a farmer puts a seed into the ground, he doesn’t go on a 21- day fasting & praying to ask that the seed germinates. Why? Because, he understands the law of sowing & reaping, all he needs to do is to make sure that the seed is sown on a good soil and also receive adequate supply of water and sunlight.  

You know how we quickly forget about the things we have learnt, especially when we somewhat don’t need to apply them? That was the same thing that happened to me. I had practically forgotten about the seed-faith principle until 4 months ago when I really needed money. My monthly youth corp allowance was paid quite early and before the middle of the month, I had exhausted it…I needed to “live by faith” and brother Oral Roberts’s book on the seed-faith principle found me at the right time.

  I learnt the seed-faith principle afresh and quickly put it to work. The results where astonishing. I remembered having just N50 (last card) on me and I needed about N200 for my transport fare, all I did was sow my N50(actually paid for someone else’s transport fare) and a friend willingly paid for my transport fare to and fro. The next day, I was quite hungry after a long day and another friend(whom I didn’t even ask) willingly paid for my meal(a bottle of coke&doughnut). It was working again!  

Since then, I have sown and kept sowing(giving to the work of the ministry and to the needy) not just when I didn’t have or inorder to get back(which is not a sin in itself- Luke 6:38) but in appreciation of God’s goodness and to prove that God’s word is true. I guess my most amazing experience was when I needed $99 (N25k) for the front& back cover of “freedom from sin“. It was a wonderful friday evening, I was chatting with a friend of mine when he asked about the book project. I reluctantly told him the state of the book and how I was limited by fund. To my surprise, he promised to send N10k into my account on monday.  

On sunday, I was in church giving a testimony about how God miraculously provided part of the fund required for the book. On getting to my seat, the Holyspirit told me to pledge the N10k(which had not even gotten into my account) as support for the church building project. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was God or the devil who wanted me to give out the money but that wasn’t so difficult to figure out; the devil couldn’t have wanted me to give to the work of God…I was sure it was the Holyspirit who spoke to me, plus I just had this peace on the inside. I obeyed, and pledged that money.  

Early the next morning(which was a monday), my publishing consultant called me and said the firm was giving me the package for free. I couldn’t believe my ears. I had not even giving the seed and God had sent in a harvest!  

Okay, you might be wondering “Why is Anuoluwapo telling me all this?”

It’s because I want you to know that God’s word is true, faith always works and that you too can also have a testimony if you will only believe and act upon God’s word.  

Hope you were blessed?

Have similar testimonies?

Feel free to add your comments and be a blessing to others by sharing this post with your community of family and friends.  

Bless your darling heart.  


PS. I just added a new page
(a letter from my heart), it’s an appeal letter to solicit for your financial support towards the publication of “freedom from sin“. God bless you richly as you generously give to this project, help ensure it comes out before the year runs out and invariable help others(especially the youths&addicts) walk in freedom from sin.

  Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa              


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5 thoughts on “Seed, faith& harvest

  1. Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa November 19, 2013 at 4:02 pm Reply

    Thanks for the “like” my dear Brandye. Bless your darling heart.xo

  2. othniel November 20, 2013 at 3:43 pm Reply

    wondaful testimonies! when u knw how mch God has given, therez nothing u can withold from him that and therez nothing He would withold from you because he possesses all things.

  3. abenitemi November 21, 2013 at 8:25 pm Reply

    Christ gave his life the least we can do is give our resources back to him……Jesus said whatever you do to the least of my brother you do unto me,………so giving should be a habit or lifestyle.

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