To the God that answers prayers

  Hi dear, I bet God has been good to you.

Thanks for dropping by.  

Really, it’s not what you think it is….although I wouldn’t deny the fact that I almost always played in the rain as a child, but this is not me “playing in the rain“. I and some friends were actually “harvesting rain water”.

  Last week Saturday made it almost 2 weeks of sleeping in the dark. And just before you begin to imagine what part of the “bush” I live in or how rural the place I am presently residing is…I actually stay in a beautiful city in Nigeria, – Owerri, Imo state, but the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) recently decided to “hold” the power supply and water was a big issue.  

With no other source of generating power(not even a generator, as the family house generators were in use elsewhere), I knew we would be needing a miracle in order to survive the days ahead.  

For the past few weeks in this month, I have had to study the subject of faith. I remember tagging one of my devotions as “Receiving the promise(God’s promises)”  


Don’t mind my tiny handwriting. wink*  

Basically, I was looking  for a “formula” or something one had to “apply” or”do” inorder to receive God’s promises, but was thrilled by what I found out- God can’t change and the only way to “receive” from Him hasn’t changed too; it has and will always be by faith!

Really, all that we require to receive from God is “faith”, that is , believing that we receive that which we ask for, when we asked for it. In order to see(physically) whatsoever we ask for in prayer, we have got to believe that we received the very moment we asked
“…to believe that you receive, and you shall have it!”

On friday evening, just before the great outpouring from heaven I decided to ask for rain. It was the most illogical thing to ask for, not especially when approaching the hammattan of my room mate actually thought I was fooling around with my request. But  I wasn’t, I was only acting on God’s word(Mark11:24), I believed I had(not “will receive”) received what I asked for that very moment and soon enough(just the next day), the substance of thing hoped for became a reality.

The heavy rain was yet another proof that God answers prayers and that faith always works.

Thanks be unto the God who answers prayers!  

Do you have a need?

Just ask the Father, believe that you receive & you shall have it…whatsoever it might be.  

Bless your darling heart.


Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa  


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