No wonder God Himself says that without faith, it is impossible(“can’t” raised to the power of infinity) to please Him. And the sweet part is that we all have a measure of faith,…need more doses? Get the Word into your system(Romans10:17).

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-11th November 2013

During my secondary school days we treated a story then in my English text book titled “The Indispensable Doctor” I really tried understanding that story but really I never did. The story was quite interesting but the problem was my understanding the word “Indispensable” I checked dictionary to get the meaning even tried to reason it out in the passage context but still finding it difficult to understand. And believe me till now it’s kinda somehow to me even the dictionary is not helping but don’t worry I won’t confuse you sha…lolz

So the dictionary meaning of indispensable is absolutely necessary, essential, vital, cannot be done without etc. it simply means something that is indispensable, something we cannot do without. As Christians, we live in a world that has so many things contending with us and we only need just one thing that is necessary…

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