Monday faithpills: Thank your way into abundance!

Hi dear,
I bet God has been good to you. Thanks for dropping by, be blessed as you read.*wink*

“And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had  given thanks He distributed them to the  disciples, and the disciples to those sitting  down; and likewise of the fish, as much as they  wanted.” John 6:11 NKJV

I could only imagine the look on the little boy’s face…”Was it such a bad thing to have come with the crowd to see Jesus?”

After standing all through his sermon, now he wants to eat my lunch.The worst is, he doesn’t even want to share with me(the real owner)…but wants the whole five loaves of bread & two fishes.

I wished I was Ben 10, I will just change to ghostfeak and fly away with my small lunch. But, wait a minute Jesus is a nice person…maybe he just wants to bless my food afterall.

Okay! Before you start wondering where that’s in your bible…it’s not actually. Smiling

It’s just me trying to paint you a picture of how the little boy with the five loaves & two fishes may have felt. The truth is, the bible didn’t actually record his reaction…all we know is that he gave his little lunch to Jesus& he multiplied it to feed five thousand people(minus the women & children).

You might say, “That’s practically impossible!”  Oh, sure it is…naturally speaking. But with God, there is no such thing as impossibility…and Jesus didn’t have to fast an extra forty days & forty nights to perform that miracle, all he did was gave thanks.

Thanksgiving is actually an expression of ones trust in God; in His goodness & faithfulness. The story of how Jesus feed the five thousand shows us how powerful thanksgiving really is.

You know, instead of giving thanks Jesus could have complained…and questioned God’s faithfulness(like we do sometimes), but he knew than that. Jesus knew that the key to abundance was(& is still) thanksgiving, and as did…divine multiplication took place.

My dear, it’s amazing how we sometimes forget to give thanks even for the seeming little we have but nothing changes by complaining…only thankgiving changes things.

So the next time you are tempted to complain, give thanks instead and you will experience divine multiplication…like Jesus, you can thank your way into abundance!!!

Bless your darling heart.




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