Monday faithpills: The law of sowing and reaping

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“Cast your bread upon the waters for after many days you will find it again.”  
                  Ecclesiastes 11:1 NIV

As a child, I remember taking bread and tea atleast twice a week, with Sunday morning being a constant and I must confess that although eating bread was cool, life was sweeter with my mum’s richly prepared Bourvita tea.

My usual practice(then,..
I am now a big bo.Wink*) was to soak my bread in tea…and there it was, the greatest magic on earth(apart from having a mirror reflect my image), or so I believed- My little bread becomes bigger & softer!

What I never saw happen was the shrinking of my bread. It just never happened. I didn’t understand it then but I guess I do now; it was simply osmosis.

Osmosis resulted in the swelling of my bread, as my Bourvita rich tea moved from a region of higher concentration, crossing an invisible semi-permeable (just between the tea & bread) into the region of lower concentration(inside the bread), and lodging itself into the bread molecules thereby filling up the spaces within.

Okay, enough of my scientifical jagon.smiling*

So what exactly am I trying to say?

Simply put, your seed can never be greater/bigger than your harvest! It will always swells up(like my bread) through spiritual osmosis,  coming back to you- multiplied!

According to Anuoluwapo’s school of thought, the law of sowing and reaping states that “whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap; only that, the harvest is always bigger in size,proportion or quantity than the seed” .

I have often heard that one can count the number of seeds in a fruit, but not the number of fruits in that single seed(when planted). And that,  my dear is a Universal law! Your harvest will always supercede your seed(except ofcourse, one or more seed-eaters ate your seed without your consent.wink*)

“But, I don’t believe one should give to God inorder to receive  more…it just doesn’t feel right“, you might say.

I use to feel that way too, but my dear, the law of sowing & reaping is not dependent of’s an eternal law that will work(if you work it, regardless of what everyone else feels), because it was enacted by God Himself!

“As long as the the earth endures, seedtime and harvest,…will never cease”. 
                    Genesis 8:22 NIV

Hence, the next time you are in a position to give(to God or man) please don’t feel like you are losing your gift(financially or materially) but get excited…why?
Because the Law of sowing and reaping ALWAYS works no matter how long it takes!!!

As Brother Oral Robert would say, the 3 keys of the miracle of seed-faith is to trust God as your source, sow a seed in and expect a miracleso be expectant my dear, it’s not a sin to!

Get ready for your harvest!!! Dancing over here.wink*

Have a blessed week my dear.

Bless your darling heart.

Be a blessing to someone else, kindly share this post with your community of friends, family and even enemies(just kidding*) and don’t forget to add your comments. I would love to hear from you.Wink*

Ps. Not saved yet, why not make Jesus your Lord & Saviour today?

Please pray this prayer

Dear God, thank You for sending Your only Son into this world to die for my sins.

Today, I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead.

Therefore I am saved.(According to Romans10:9).

Thank you Jesus.

Welcome to the household of faith honey, the community of saints and the city of love- The kingdom of God.

Bless your darling heart honey!





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2 thoughts on “Monday faithpills: The law of sowing and reaping

  1. Godsent January 27, 2014 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Thanks dear. God bless you greatly and grant you deeper spiritual insight. I’m really blessed. Please, keep up the good work. *thumb up*

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