Monday faithpills: Got issues…you are just perfect for the job!

Hi dear,

My sincere apologies for not being able to post your usual Monday faithpill this monday.

Happy new month & thanks for dropping by…hope your day had been great?

‘But Moses said to God, “Who  am I that  I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should  bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” ‘
                      Exodus 3:11 NKJV

At age 8, I was already addicted to every immoral act you could imagine. Although, mom knew me as a good child- quiet, truthful and caring type, I was far from being good. She didn’t know the bad me who masturbated, kissed sexy ladies shown on tv, had seen porn magazine in primary school, watched R rated late night movies and had almost became a homosexual.

But someone, did. He knew me perfectly; I mean, inside out! He was there all the while I masturbated, kiseed sexy ladies…watched nude movies/magazines.

That was me 16years ago, and if someone had told me at that time that I will one day write a book on sin(<a href="Freedom from Sin), run a Christian blog, preach the gospel to others or be used by a Holy God, I did just laugh at him. I believe I was the last person He did think of for that kind of job.


Because I had issues…alot of issues I thought I will never overcome, sins & immoral acts that the precious blood of Jesus might not be able to wash away.
I was wrong, so very wrong…God didn’t just stop at accepting, loving & forgiving imperfect me but He went on to transform and make me a blessing.

Men and women whom God had used from ancient time weren’t perfect people my dear; atleast not Moses(a murderer, with anger issues), Gideon( the timid leader), Father Abraham(who slept with his maid), King David (who killed a woman’s husband so he could have the lady as his), Jacob(the subplanter/deceiver) or Saul(the murderer,  whom we now refer to as Apostle Paul).

God is a specilist at using people with issue(alot of issues, by the way). If He could transform my life(with all of my issues) and use me for His glory…He can(and will) transform and use you for His glory regardless of your imperfections.

Funny enough, I believe the bigger your issues, the better and easier for Him.

Come as you are my dear(with all your issues)!

Bless your darling heart.

Be a blessing to someone else, kindly share this post with your community of friends, family and even enemies(just kidding*).

Ps. Not saved yet, why not make Jesus your Lord & Saviour today?

Please pray this prayer

Dear God, thank You for sending Your only Son into this world to die for my sins.

Today, I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead.

Therefore I am saved.(According to Romans10:9).

Thank you Jesus.

Welcome to the household of faith honey, the community of saints and the city of love- The kingdom of God.

Bless your darling heart honey!





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