Thursday Soulpills: You are what you read!


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Someone one said that, ” You can predict what a person will become in the nearest future by two things; the books he reads and the people he walks with.” and really, I am a living proof of that philosophy.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with books and ever since then my life hasn’t remained thesame. Books, and I mean both the inspiring and informative ones have become my definition of asset…through them I am able to relate with great men and women, most of whom I might never be able to meet in person.

Right in my room, I can relate with great minds like Napoleon Hill(who has long gone), Jack Canfield, Authony Robbins, Bro Bo Sanchez, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Myles Munroe, Bob Proctor, and so many authors who live far away from here. Isn’t it amazing?

I use to make a joke about my credit card and my future wife,”God knows she’s got to be in charge of my account or our house will only be built with books”…the only problem is that we might go hungry. Smiling*

You really don’t need an international passport to travel round the world, you can simply drive the globe and the great beyond via books…call it an internation visa and you wouldn’t be wrong.wink*

Books are powerful, and we should invest in them because in the end…we are what we read.

A great friend(CEO Great Julius Venture) always says, ” Just tell me your problem and I will give you a book that contains the solution!” I bet he is right, all the solutions you would ever need are stored in one book or the other, the foremost being the Word of God.

Want to be great and successful, read books written by great and successful men.

Take charge of your future!

Bless your darling heart.xo




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2 thoughts on “Thursday Soulpills: You are what you read!

  1. Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa February 27, 2014 at 10:53 pm Reply

    Thanks for dropping by Lynette Noni…you rock!

  2. Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa February 28, 2014 at 12:16 pm Reply

    @ Liz and Lynette, thanks for dropping by. Xo

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