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Monday Faithpills: The place of work(Prayers don’t fry plantain)

Hi dearest!!!

Good morning, bet you had a wonderful weekend. It’s so great to have you around once again.

This week, you would experience supernatural favour and speed. Doors of opportunity would open for you on every side, indeed your territory would be enlarged and your ban shall overflow with blessing upon blessing. You would walk with clarity, instructed by God’s spirit on what to do, when to do and how to do, and your path shall shine brighter and brighter.

You are blessed beyond measure dearest!

It’s a blessed new week and in today’s Monday Faithpills we would be talking about the place of work.

Last week, we spoke about the power of desire, how that your desires(both “spiritual and non-spiritual” are valid and God-given(divine),  and that God is committed to bringing your desires to materialization.


Today, we would take it a step further. Am sure you are wondering what my relationship with plantain is in recent times. Wink*

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26 KJV

It’s amazing how God teaches us biblical principles and guide us through everyday life with simple activities(we do) or things(around us).

While there is an enormous power available to bring our desires into materialization via prayer, it is important to note that prayer(alone) can’t get the job done. May i burst your bubbles by saying, in fact, there are certain things prayer isn’t designed to handle.

For example, imagine that after receiving the plantain, I  dropped it in the kitchen and went into my closet to pray(say for an hour because of the seriousness of the matter) that it be turned into fried plantain within the next three days. What do you think would happen to that ripe plantain?
You are absolutely right, it would have gone from ripe to rotten in three days!

We must understand that prayer isn’t a shortcut, but a gateway to receiving the desires of our heart even as God’s spirit instructs us on what we must do to take delivery of out desires.  By faith, we receive that we which desire but by work, we lay hold of the same.

Therefore, whatever it is you have prayed for, this is not the time to sit back and wait for it to drop into your laps like ripe cherries… You need to go out there and take corresponding actions.
Who knows, your employment letter may have been long ready, only awaiting your pick up…

This week, step out in faith & take actions in line with your desired  outcome, fully confident that God has answered your prayers(when you prayed). It’s time to take delivery of your desires…
What you are waiting for might just be waiting for you!!!

Love you to bits.

Stay positive and live fully!

Yours faithfully,

Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa
Author of Freedom from Sin

PS. Please, I would love to read your testimonies as you take actions in line with your desires during the week. Feel free to drop them in a comment.


Day 3(my 500 words challenge)

Workplace reality…lessons learnt

…so I started out by saying;

‘Olubukola mi(adding “mi” meaning “my” was my strategy to make her feel loved. Wink*),
Morning honey
Eyah(sorry)…I feel you honey
Workplace criticism could be a big deal
And sorry about the associated feeling it brings along mylove
Although I am a bit surprised that this is coming from that sweet and impeccable woman
Often time bosses express their need for increased performance and productivity via criticism(instead of complaining)
Olubukola mi, the twist about criticism(I mean constructive criticism) is that it really isn’t an attack on your personality or ability but a question of your productivity & performance(I mean coupling your personality and inherent abilities to yield result)
In reality, criticism is a part of life and the workplace…and it’s simply a call to action (awaken the giant within you, not demoralize you if done appropriately)
However the imperfection in communication, you can use criticism to your advantage’

She responded, saying…
I actually understand your point and I think you get the situation right
But it doesn’t feel like criticism anymore. I feel like I’m being attacked often times

(It was time to strategy again, so I quickly made a  suggestion)
Then we have to befriend our boss again, she may be under some pressure which she is unconsciously or consciously passing on to you honey mi
Get her lunch or some thing, but somehow find a way to chat with her when she’s in a good mood, that way we can know her definite and exact need, and possibly how she want those needs met…she is your first client you know🙊😘
Everything is gonna be alright mylove

Bukola Odu. A: Thanks dear. You’re a blessed friend

Anuoluwapo Israel: You are always welcome honey mi. Anything for you

And one thing we have to constantly remind ourselves of that “Our bosses aren’t angels, they are like us mere humans with weaknesses”
𪰽Bukola Odu. A: Plenty hugs.
I understand though, and I have promised myself to keep pushing harder, I just don’t want to feel so bad while I’m working hard at things
Anuoluwapo Israel: And remember, no one can make you feel bad without your permission… You & you alone are responsible for your emotions. 🙊🙈
Bless your heart Olubukola mi. Stay positive & live fully.
Anu believes in you and he is very proud about you. 👍😎
Go girl, you are unstoppable!

Bukola Odu. A:, you are just too good a friend
Anuoluwapo Israel: Ose(Thanks) love…seeing you happy, positive and successful is my greatest joy Olubukola mi.

There is a thin line between complaining and criticising, and it is not uncommon to see seemingly “unharmful” complaints turn into corrosive and otherwise poisonous criticism. While I wouldn’t guarantee you joy and happiness when someone complains about your performance at the workplace, the effect of criticism utterly snuffs out every iota of joy you may have bundled to the workplace

Day 2 (My 500 words 31 day challenge)

Imagine Barrister Bukola teaching mathematics, she had to tutor herself every other day before going over to her teenage students. Bukola was a creative writer, mathematics wasn’t really her thing.

Bukola’s new job as a project manager at Literacy Integration and Formal Education Foundation(LIFE), a non governmental and non profit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare and interests of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria, was nothing short of a miracle. No job application, no nothing.

Similar to my internship placement in Shell Medical centre, someone had put in good words for Bukola while discussing with the founder of LIFE,  who also happens to be a legal practitioner and urgently needed a project coordinator. Bukola’s social goodwill and strong desire to give back to the community has finally paid off. Her job at LIFE would give her a unique platform to follow her passion and likewise practice as a legal professional since the organization was also involved in inter country adoption and advocacy. It was a dream come true for Bukola

It was quite easy spotting the joy and satisfaction written all over her face as she walked towards me. Her fresh skin was evident of the touch of coolness she constantly received from her air-conditioned office, and her radiant smile spoke of the warmth of love lavished upon her by her colleagues. We spent the next half an hour catching up from where we stopped about two years ago, and she told me all about her new job; her sweet and darling boss, lovely colleagues, empowering and positive working environment and her cool pay, now a hundred thousand naira(N100,000).

A core value at LIFE is an excellent human relations. According to Bukola, it was so important that every new employee passes the “friendship test”, I mean he or she must be able to relate well and make friends with other co-workers within a six month probation period or would be liable to being laid off. LIFE’s working environment is something I did rather call heaven on earth. It’s more of a home(with one big happy family) than a workplace if you ask me…it gives one a good glimpse of how sweet and friendly the head(I mean the Founder, Bukola’s Boss) would be.

But like every other family, LIFE wasn’t perfect. After all, Bukola’s boss is also human, not an angel. She has weaknesses and on this fateful day, she probably wasn’t in the best of moods. It was almost unbelievable for Bukola as her “sweet and friendly” boss bounced on her like a predator after a prey. She had never seen or heard her spoke in an unfriendly manner, and her speech which she meant to be a simple complaint about Bukola’s performance on the job turned out as a criticism, something that had almost started to negatively affect her self esteem.
Was I really shocked when I got Bukola’s early that morning? Maybe for a split second, but at first I had to bear her pain

The Workplace Reality…lessons learnt

No perfect work place nor Boss

“Perfection is an illusion, it doesn’t exist in the real world”

Good morning
Your friend needs help o
My boss is giving me major issues in the office.
She complains about every and anything I do. Nothing is done well.
I’ve never been so attacked in my life. Much less by my boss
Problem is, she is my boss and her words are beginning to get to me
I’m beginning to feel of less worth.
Biko(please), I need ur prayers before this thing turns into something else
I’m getting tired”
11/10/15, 7:37-7:40AM

By the way, if you have ever met Bukola Odu(a dear friend, Barrister and creative writer) in person, you would know that she isn’t the type given to complaining or one that get easily frustrated. In fact, often time when I need some motivation(aka ginger), she is my go to person and she really does a good job. But this very day, Bukola Odu was having a not-so-good experience with her Boss.

Just few months back(mid August) I had invited Bukola Odu for Coach Lanre Olusola’s premiere book signing(The Money Book) at Laterna Ventures, a few blocks from her workplace in Victory Island. Her workplace, a gigantic and magnificent building, just opposite Eko Hostels and suites was such a pleasant structure to behold, how much more the people that worked in it…they must be angels at work. Little wonder Bukola was looking all radiant and smiling when she came down the elevator to pick me up.
It was the first time I was seeing her after about two years since my last visit.
As my folk in Naija would often say, “levels don change”. Two years ago, Bukola was working with a private law firm where she was been paid N30,000 as a barrister. Besides the ridiculously low pay, she still had to cope with her incessant request working from dusk to dawn…but Bukola survived pretty well, her positive attitude to life and work is quite intriguing. After a year of “hard work”, Bukola decided it was time to quit her job. She couldn’t be working like an elephant and eating like an ant, so she moved forward even when she had no clue of where her next job would be.
The next six months after her resignation would probably be such that would never forget. During this period, she got really involve with church, volunteering in services and building her faith in God. It’s easier trusting God for provision when you know that you were going to get an alert(even if it was N30,000) by month, but what happens when you consciously terminated that alert by resignation…
Although it was a tough session in her life, Bukola learnt to daily trust in God for daily bread and be grateful for everyday. Once, I remember asking her how her typical day looked like without a job and she told me of how she woke up every morning with positive expectations and wrote out a to-do list to keep herself engaged and productive. There were times when she wished she had her job back but she was determined to look beyond her past into a brighter future. At one point she actually took a job as a private lesson teacher, teaching two teenagers mathematics…

Monday faith pills: The power of desire

Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!

It’s the last month of year 2015, and a great privilege that we are alive today. You would agree with me that of a truth, God has been faithful. Only the living can say, “I am hungry” smiles*

I have been away for a while, and I sincerely apologize for leaving you wishing and praying for your life transforming weekly Monday faithpills but guess what, your prayers weren’t a waste. By His grace, we are back again and this time, to stay.

Enough of the intro,  it’s a beautiful Monday and we would be talking about #ThePowerOfDesire (inspired by Pastor Ayo Ajani, more about this great man of God later).

Mark 11:24 (KJV)
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever
ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive
them, and ye shall have them.


Okay, I am sure you are wondering what that scintillating meal has got to do with today’s post. So, before you start salivating or lose focus, lets get back to the scripture (I mean the one above the plate). Wink*

We must understand that Jesus wasn’t joking when He said “What things soever ye desire…”, I mean He meant exactly what you just read- what things soever, and that includes the fried plantain you saw up there(I know you are tempted to scroll up, but please stay with me for now…the fried plantain is all your.) wink*

Often time, we have limited the power of God’s word(regarding Mark 11:24 to so called spiritual desires only like soul winning, spiritual growth and all(although they are very important desires too), but permit me to say that the scripture can not be broken. And whilst you a spirit being, who has a soul and lives in a body, God is also concerned and committed to your deepest desires ..because they are divine and valid.

Just last week Friday, I was a benefactor of the power of desire. It wasn’t even up to 24hours between the time I desired and when what I desired came knocking. While at work on Thursday, I thought to myself “Chai, it’s been a while I ate my best food ooo…(I mean fried plantain)” so I decided that I was going to eat fried plantain(planned to buy a bundle before going to work the next day), but  surprise surprise I was awakened by a neighbor with 4 pieces of unripe plantain by Friday morning.
Just imagine I had desired a car instead(Jesus is Lord!)…Well,  thank God I can always desire. Wink*

As Pastor Ayo Ajani rightly stated in his sermon on Sunday titled “How you birth your God given dreams through prayer”;
You must be able to articulate succinctly what you desire because God always works with your innermost desire.

Knowing that our desires(not even words now ooo)matter to God is such a great thrill, and regardless of  however insignificant we think that which we desire is…God pays attention to it. Isn’t that awesome???

You might think that a plate of fried plantain is such an insignificant thing, but if God can do a plate of fried plantain…How much more the more important things(like satisfaction, good home, blessed marriage, career fulfilment and so much more) that we deeply desire???

This week, step out with an absolutely confidence and faith in God’s love for you …Awaken and activate your deepest desires because they are God-given, divine and valid.

Stay positive & live fully.

Yours faithfully,

Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa
Author of “Freedom from Sin”

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