The Workplace Reality…lessons learnt

No perfect work place nor Boss

“Perfection is an illusion, it doesn’t exist in the real world”

Good morning
Your friend needs help o
My boss is giving me major issues in the office.
She complains about every and anything I do. Nothing is done well.
I’ve never been so attacked in my life. Much less by my boss
Problem is, she is my boss and her words are beginning to get to me
I’m beginning to feel of less worth.
Biko(please), I need ur prayers before this thing turns into something else
I’m getting tired”
11/10/15, 7:37-7:40AM

By the way, if you have ever met Bukola Odu(a dear friend, Barrister and creative writer) in person, you would know that she isn’t the type given to complaining or one that get easily frustrated. In fact, often time when I need some motivation(aka ginger), she is my go to person and she really does a good job. But this very day, Bukola Odu was having a not-so-good experience with her Boss.

Just few months back(mid August) I had invited Bukola Odu for Coach Lanre Olusola’s premiere book signing(The Money Book) at Laterna Ventures, a few blocks from her workplace in Victory Island. Her workplace, a gigantic and magnificent building, just opposite Eko Hostels and suites was such a pleasant structure to behold, how much more the people that worked in it…they must be angels at work. Little wonder Bukola was looking all radiant and smiling when she came down the elevator to pick me up.
It was the first time I was seeing her after about two years since my last visit.
As my folk in Naija would often say, “levels don change”. Two years ago, Bukola was working with a private law firm where she was been paid N30,000 as a barrister. Besides the ridiculously low pay, she still had to cope with her incessant request working from dusk to dawn…but Bukola survived pretty well, her positive attitude to life and work is quite intriguing. After a year of “hard work”, Bukola decided it was time to quit her job. She couldn’t be working like an elephant and eating like an ant, so she moved forward even when she had no clue of where her next job would be.
The next six months after her resignation would probably be such that would never forget. During this period, she got really involve with church, volunteering in services and building her faith in God. It’s easier trusting God for provision when you know that you were going to get an alert(even if it was N30,000) by month, but what happens when you consciously terminated that alert by resignation…
Although it was a tough session in her life, Bukola learnt to daily trust in God for daily bread and be grateful for everyday. Once, I remember asking her how her typical day looked like without a job and she told me of how she woke up every morning with positive expectations and wrote out a to-do list to keep herself engaged and productive. There were times when she wished she had her job back but she was determined to look beyond her past into a brighter future. At one point she actually took a job as a private lesson teacher, teaching two teenagers mathematics…


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