Day 2 (My 500 words 31 day challenge)

Imagine Barrister Bukola teaching mathematics, she had to tutor herself every other day before going over to her teenage students. Bukola was a creative writer, mathematics wasn’t really her thing.

Bukola’s new job as a project manager at Literacy Integration and Formal Education Foundation(LIFE), a non governmental and non profit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare and interests of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria, was nothing short of a miracle. No job application, no nothing.

Similar to my internship placement in Shell Medical centre, someone had put in good words for Bukola while discussing with the founder of LIFE,  who also happens to be a legal practitioner and urgently needed a project coordinator. Bukola’s social goodwill and strong desire to give back to the community has finally paid off. Her job at LIFE would give her a unique platform to follow her passion and likewise practice as a legal professional since the organization was also involved in inter country adoption and advocacy. It was a dream come true for Bukola

It was quite easy spotting the joy and satisfaction written all over her face as she walked towards me. Her fresh skin was evident of the touch of coolness she constantly received from her air-conditioned office, and her radiant smile spoke of the warmth of love lavished upon her by her colleagues. We spent the next half an hour catching up from where we stopped about two years ago, and she told me all about her new job; her sweet and darling boss, lovely colleagues, empowering and positive working environment and her cool pay, now a hundred thousand naira(N100,000).

A core value at LIFE is an excellent human relations. According to Bukola, it was so important that every new employee passes the “friendship test”, I mean he or she must be able to relate well and make friends with other co-workers within a six month probation period or would be liable to being laid off. LIFE’s working environment is something I did rather call heaven on earth. It’s more of a home(with one big happy family) than a workplace if you ask me…it gives one a good glimpse of how sweet and friendly the head(I mean the Founder, Bukola’s Boss) would be.

But like every other family, LIFE wasn’t perfect. After all, Bukola’s boss is also human, not an angel. She has weaknesses and on this fateful day, she probably wasn’t in the best of moods. It was almost unbelievable for Bukola as her “sweet and friendly” boss bounced on her like a predator after a prey. She had never seen or heard her spoke in an unfriendly manner, and her speech which she meant to be a simple complaint about Bukola’s performance on the job turned out as a criticism, something that had almost started to negatively affect her self esteem.
Was I really shocked when I got Bukola’s early that morning? Maybe for a split second, but at first I had to bear her pain


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