Day 3(my 500 words challenge)

Workplace reality…lessons learnt

…so I started out by saying;

‘Olubukola mi(adding “mi” meaning “my” was my strategy to make her feel loved. Wink*),
Morning honey
Eyah(sorry)…I feel you honey
Workplace criticism could be a big deal
And sorry about the associated feeling it brings along mylove
Although I am a bit surprised that this is coming from that sweet and impeccable woman
Often time bosses express their need for increased performance and productivity via criticism(instead of complaining)
Olubukola mi, the twist about criticism(I mean constructive criticism) is that it really isn’t an attack on your personality or ability but a question of your productivity & performance(I mean coupling your personality and inherent abilities to yield result)
In reality, criticism is a part of life and the workplace…and it’s simply a call to action (awaken the giant within you, not demoralize you if done appropriately)
However the imperfection in communication, you can use criticism to your advantage’

She responded, saying…
I actually understand your point and I think you get the situation right
But it doesn’t feel like criticism anymore. I feel like I’m being attacked often times

(It was time to strategy again, so I quickly made a  suggestion)
Then we have to befriend our boss again, she may be under some pressure which she is unconsciously or consciously passing on to you honey mi
Get her lunch or some thing, but somehow find a way to chat with her when she’s in a good mood, that way we can know her definite and exact need, and possibly how she want those needs met…she is your first client you know🙊😘
Everything is gonna be alright mylove

Bukola Odu. A: Thanks dear. You’re a blessed friend

Anuoluwapo Israel: You are always welcome honey mi. Anything for you

And one thing we have to constantly remind ourselves of that “Our bosses aren’t angels, they are like us mere humans with weaknesses”
𪰽Bukola Odu. A: Plenty hugs.
I understand though, and I have promised myself to keep pushing harder, I just don’t want to feel so bad while I’m working hard at things
Anuoluwapo Israel: And remember, no one can make you feel bad without your permission… You & you alone are responsible for your emotions. 🙊🙈
Bless your heart Olubukola mi. Stay positive & live fully.
Anu believes in you and he is very proud about you. 👍😎
Go girl, you are unstoppable!

Bukola Odu. A:, you are just too good a friend
Anuoluwapo Israel: Ose(Thanks) love…seeing you happy, positive and successful is my greatest joy Olubukola mi.

There is a thin line between complaining and criticising, and it is not uncommon to see seemingly “unharmful” complaints turn into corrosive and otherwise poisonous criticism. While I wouldn’t guarantee you joy and happiness when someone complains about your performance at the workplace, the effect of criticism utterly snuffs out every iota of joy you may have bundled to the workplace


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