Getting the help you need

It is often jokingly said that 98% of people masturbate while the remaining 2% are lairs. The truth, not everyone is doing it.

However, the reality is that people sometimes find themselves compulsively involving in this “act”. For some, it starts as an escape from the stress of life while others(mostly singles) see it as a way to satisfy their sexual desires without going into premarital sex. Either way, what these parties eventually realise is that they are soon lost in their own track. A once in a week act gradually evolves into twice a week, thrice weekly then to multiple times a day gulping productive hours and leaving them feeling “wasted” after the act.

As with the case of many addictions, what seems to satisfy yesterday’s craving often becomes insufficient today, giving rise an increased indulgence and a search for alternate means of satisfaction. Hence, the combination of multiple addictions, such as pornography or voyeurism in the case of a compulsive masturbator.
The truth is, one can’t simply get enough of any addiction and neither would any of such act be able to quench the deep inner longing for true love, acceptance, pleasure, control and security which the human soul seeks. Hence the disappointment and frustration an individual experiences when he or she discovers that the very “thing” which was suppose to give him freedom is only a comfort bed in a prison room.
Life becomes tougher when he realises(like Alice in wonderland) that there seems to be no way out of this miserable prison, one he himself had believed was an escape route. 

One would have thought that anyone who builds a tunnel should know the way around it, but that’s not always true for a compulsive habit like masturbation or pornography. While few are able to break free without  much difficulty, many others need a helper.

It took me a decade to break free from masturbation and pornography addiction, but it doesn’t have to take you that long. I want to help you do so in a shorter space of time and that’s why I am offering you a free 30minutes consultation session where you can get the help you need. To take advantage of your free session, kindly send a mail to anuoluanuoluwapoademuyiwa@gmail or contact me via whatsapp on 08189360902.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Get free, stay free.

PS: This free sessions would run for just 5 weeks and I would only be able to have 3 sessions per day, so if you know anyone who might need this consultation kindly share this information with them. Your simple act of kindness can save a life


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