Save your home and marriage today

There is this client of ours that comes everyday to the pharmacy just to buy 5 Alive pulpy drink. He simply walks down to the refrigerator, turn a blind eye to every other soft drinks(Fanta, Zero Coke, Chivita, Hollandia yoghurt, ice tea, Teem and the likes) and grabs his Pulpy…it’s as though nothing(not even “water”) satisfies his taste like this drink. When his drink isn’t available, he usually walks always.
It was either Pulpy or nothing.

But come to think of it, why would anyone be so keen on getting a particular drink?
Is it that Pulpy has superior taste than every other soft drink or my client is just accustomed to this drink?

In my opinion, the latter is mostly the case because we all are creatures of habit and soon our brains get conditioned, going on autopilot.

While compulsive/habitual masturbation wouldn’t make one go blind, the brain soon sees the act as the ultimate source of sexual gratification, hence making
sexual intercourse in marriage less pleasurable. This can adversely affect sexual fulfilment and intimacy between couples as one who habitually masturbates may not be sexually attracted to their partner or simply see him/her as another means of self pleasuring.

While cheating on your spouse with another man/woman is very hurtful, how much more when they find out that the other man/woman is you…That can break a home.

Fortunately, you can break this habit before it breaks your home by signing up for a 30minute free consultation session with me, where we would take about your challenges, and provide you with the right knowledge to break free and stay free.

To take advantage of this life changing opportunity, kindly send an email to or contact via whatsapp on 08189360902
PS: This free sessions would run for just 5 weeks and I would only be able to have 3 sessions per day, so if you know anyone who might need this consultation kindly share this information with them. Your simple act of kindness can save a life.
Warm regards.


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