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An open letter to doctors in LUTH.

In the heat of the afternoon sun, one of my dear customers came into the pharmacy looking really depressed. It was obvious she wasn’t herself, the aunty Tonia I knew usually had a smile on her beautiful face but today was different…something was wrong and I couldn’t wait to find out, though I was also careful not to portray my anxiety.

Aunty Tonia finally got a grip of herself, the shock from her Aunty’s death was the reason for the sudden disappearance of her usual cheerful self. Whilst I couldn’t ask her so much about the incident that led to her death, I over heard her speaking to a relative saying “she did never take her dog to LUTH, much more a relative…because people don’t come back alive from there”.

Death, although inevitable for every human could have been prevented from taking her Aunty away, but now it’s too late…someone’s negligence at the hospital was responsible for her untimely death.
Having studied within the premises during my undergraduate years, you did understand why I became dumb at Aunty Tonia’s statement…

Just when I thought it was over with the bad news of the untimely death associated with LUTH, my boss called me after Aunty’s Tonia’s departure. She knew i had graduated from LUTH.

One couldn’t tell what was on her mind but the look on her face was similar to that of Aunty Tonia’s …It was then I realised she must have another story about the Teaching Hospital too.

A few days back, one of her relative also lost a seven(7) month old baby there. According to the mother, she noticed her baby had difficulty breathing, and was taken to LUTH where she was well attended to that very evening. The next morning, her baby’s condition started depreciating, and as any concerned mother would do she rushed to inform the available doctor about her baby only to be shunned by him, she was tagged a disturbance to the doctor who instructed her to have her seat saying she wasn’t the only mother in the ward.
So she went, reluctantly but she did. Only as she sat there watching her little angel battle for her innocent life, she wasn’t confortable sitting anymore. The next person the doctor saw standing in his face was the same woman…and guess what, she got the same treatment from him as before. Long story short…she lost her first angel, just seven month after her naming ceremony courtesy this doctor’s nonchalant attitude in LUTH who didn’t take her serious. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Dear doctors at LUTH, while I believe you are trying your best in ensuring the wellbeing of your patients I would further plead that these kinds of deaths (avoidable I think) should be prevented and more concern given to your patients. Please let the saying, “people that go to LUTH, don’t come out alive”, change.

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Anuoluwapo Ademuyiwa
Writer and community pharmacist


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