The “foolishness” of faith

In the story of the ten lepers, we see the seeming “foolishness” of faith being showcased.

Jesus, “taking a good look at them”, said “Go, show yourselves to the priests…”, something only those who had been cleansed or healed of their infirmity did in confirmation of their healing. It was as it were, “the evidence of things seen” and proven. However, here we see Jesus the Creator of all things(John1:1-3) declaring the things that be not as though they were unto the lepers; go show yourselves to the priests whilst “physically speaking” they were still full-fledged lepers.

It seems to me that these lepers knew something about walking in faith, or more appropriately about Jesus(The author and finisher of our faith) Himself, for they called Him “Master”. I suspect that they must have had a revelation of Jesus, however little…for no sensible man would have done the things He instructs without thinking twice, and more.

The truth is, what men call the “foolishness of faith” is actually the wisdom and power of God, unexplainable by foolish men. For there is nothing foolish about the Only wise God, His unsearchable wisdom transcends what the human eyes can see and his mind can conceive. Hence by obeying God’s seemingly senseless instructions we learn to submit our foolishness for the Highest wisdom there is…we only become better-off walking in faith, not worse.
Today, when God instructs you to do the impossible…act in faith, for the Only true and faithful God cannot tell a lie.

Bless your darling heart beloved.
God is in you, for you and with you.


Anuoluwapo Israel Ademuyiwa

Image courtesy – PS Bible Ministry


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