Monday FaithPills: The Father’s love

Though he admires and desires the classic creation, he is better off without(owing) it…
For he currently lacks the capacity to handle it, nor does he has the ability to maintain it.
His legs, too short to reach the pedals
His ams too weak to turn the wheels and while he wishes he is at the driver’s seat…that’s daddy’s position for now.
Someday, when he is all grown up, matured and adequately trained he did be able to take a trip in it all by himself (provided he has money for gas). Wink*
Regardless of his father’s love, little baby is denied the keys to daddy’s Ferrari as long as he remains a little child.
Friends, God’s blessing are always intended to make us rich(and satisfied) without any cause for regrets and whilst His words declare that the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short, the Father’s love restrains Him from releasing (since He has already given us all things to enjoy) stuffs into our lives we haven’t built capacity to handle well…that delay in marriage or promotion might just be God giving you more time to prepare so you don’t mismanage His blessing nor turn it into a curse because of your lack of capacity(or immaturity).
Hence, when you are done asking(in prayer) get up and go build some capacity honey!
The best would come only when are ready and prepared for it…not before. Smiles*

Hey, one more thing buddy whilst you are in the preparatory stage always remember that Dad’s got the wheel…you have nothing to worry about, your safe arrival is guaranteed.

Happy new week!


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