Your arrival is guaranteed

Commuting within certain parts of Lagos can be a nightmare, especially when you work or live on the mainland. Although nothing can be worse than having a driver who doesn’t know the roads…You just might not get home until midnight.

Have you ever boarded a bus and your driver decides to take you on an excursion around Lagos instead of going through the major route?

I remember when I use to commute from Oshodi (my workplace) to Alagbado Ijaye (Home) in 2015. By 5pm after close of work, every experienced driver knew not to take the major route to Sango…or he did never return in time for a second loading.

One interesting thing was how they maneuver their way, seemingly moping through countless streets and unpaved paths from Agege, Iju and eventually bursting out at Abule-Egba, a place both driver and passengers are familiar with, having left the traffic behind …before then you were almost certain you were completely lost or somewhere in Ibadan.

Today, I still wonder how they knew those unmapped roads and journeyed seamlessly even in thick darkness, all I know is that I get home in one piece just in time to watch “Married Again”. God help you if your bus driver no know road😝

This we speak of one who is often time high on Alomo bitters, yet knows the roads better, a man whose driving confirms he never went to driving school, whose driver’s license obviously isn’t in existence…one whose only goal is coming back for another load(of passengers). Yet we trust him to get us to our destination.

How much more when God is the One behind the wheels…

Friends, fear not. Your arrival is guaranteed!



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