Freedom from Sin



For a long while, sin has been a common topic for consideration in Christian circles. From the confines of our hearts to the open pulpit we struggle with the concept. We hang our heads in
shame in our defeat where Christ has given us total victory and convict ourselves of sins long
atoned for.

Are you uncertain about your

Has your life been a continuous cycle of repentance and rededication?

Are you struggling with immoral habits and addictions?

Has your bible suddenly become another boring piece of literature?

This book beautifully reveals
through the scripture what Christ’s finished work has accomplished for you, how you can freely access the victory which is already yours in Him and walk in complete freedom from sin. Christ did not die on the cross so we can become “sinners in Christ“, rather that we might become the

The book also features:

How to overcome habits and addictions

How to handle temptations How to effectively study and enjoy your bible

What to do when you “fall into” temptations

The difference between sin as a nature and sin as an action

Comment from a reader

“I salute your courage for the openness you have displayed for
the benefit of others. It is obvious in recent times that many Christians are still struggling with the issue of sin and they just can’t see a way out.
Your book will open the eyes of many to the fact that as born again children of God, we are free from the bondage of sin and are victorious over sin. One major way of living a victorious life emphasized in your book is by renewing our minds with the word of God as recommended in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans. I recommend this book to all those that truly desire to experience freedom from the bondage of sin.”

Dr. Gloria A. Ayoola, PhD

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    Kindly order your ebook version by clicking on the link below:

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