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But for the Blood

But for the blood
This porn addict would have become a drug addict,
This dullard would have never become a drop out,
This negro would have never become a hero,
This son of man would have never become a son of God.
This hell bent would have never become heaven bound.
This monster would have never become a minister
I am who and what I am but for the precious blood of my redeemer; Jesus Christ.


In love with a harlot 3

Although she was forced into promiscuity,

Marriage cannot restore her virginity,

Neither can it redeem her identity,

A mere change of surname has no power to erase her iniquity.

Neither can it heal her infirmities.

I hear she’s even slept with some celebrities, all in futility.

Solomon would have been the first to tell her that vanity upon vanity,

All is vanity…


In love with a harlot 2

…I am attracted, not to her skimpy dress or her augmented breast.

Nor to her sugar coated lips or her dangling hips.

Not even to her seductive looks or her scary tattoos.

But to her bruised and bleeding heart.

I am attracted to her hidden pain and silent shame.

What would heal her tainted soul?

Maybe getting married to her would…just maybe?

But then again, there are so many of her out there. I simply cannot marry them all…


In love with a harlot 1

She seeks to be loved, but sex is all she gets.
She needs money, but selling her body is the only way she knows.
She hopes to be a mother someday, but Postinor2 says no.
She has countless boyfriends but still feels alone.
Living with other whores has left her without a soul.
Home is wherever she spends the night.
Though she has a name, she is known as “customer” by men whose eyes 👀 only want to see her nude.
At first her half naked presence feels repulsive, but something attracts me to her…
To be continued.

When God kills for you

Murder is said to be a sin, but not when God is the one committing it especially not when He is doing it on your behalf.
In the same way the US Army would war against and kill enemies of the states in order to protect her people, God isn’t ashamed of committing murder to protect you His beloved one. The only difference is whilst these gallant men of war may also be killed in battle, the One who kills for you can not be killed by any weapon or being.
I dare say that the One who kills for you is unkillable!
Centuries ago, God proved this truth with the enemies of His people(Israel)- Pharaoh and his chariots. After several warnings and reprimanding, this unrepentant crew got a taste of God’s wrath; death by drowning…not a single person among the six hundred chariots nor their drivers survived to tell the story.
“…God dumped the Egyptians in the middle of the sea. The waters returned, drowning the chariots and riders of Pharaoh’s army that had chased after Israel into the sea. Not one of them survived.” Exodus 14:27-28(MSG)
And this was just a token of His love for us.
Fast-forward 2000years after, nothing has reduced of this strong love of His neither has He stopped the killing spree…Only, the time He kills His One and Only begotten Son(Jesus) for our redemption.
Whilst Saint Valentine could die for just a few married folks, Christ died for all, His blood was pure and strong enough to save us all; his free gift is eternal life to all.
What can we say of this kind of love, that a Father should sacrifice His Only Son for sinful strangers like you and I?
My friends, that’s how much God loves us, in deed He would go any length to keep us safe and saved eternally.
Though you might not have a Val today(you are not alone honey, cause I don’t have one either.wink*), worry not yourself…He who owns the universe is madly in love with you.😇😍🙃😘🤓

Giving according to God’s blessings

Back in my University days, I remember been approached by a fellow whose fellowship group had allegedly given him and other executives(aka Excos) targets to bring certain amount of money into the ministry. Whilst there was nothing wrong with fundraising, the way he went about it was rather strange as he made it seem as though anyone who didn’t support their ministry was hellbound. News had it that, some of these Excos eventually had to borrow money in order to meet these set targets…

I really do not believe that God rejoices over such neither have I found a scripture that encourages the believer to borrow( and or steal) money in order to pay tithes , offerings or make contributions to the work of ministry. Doing that literally insults His ability to provide for us…an extreme we shouldn’t venture into.

However, a mindset that says ” I would give to God when I start earning more”, or “God understands, He sure isn’t expecting something from the little I have” isn’t one God expects from His children either.

Rather, the Bible teaches us to give according to our financial capacity and just so no one has an excuse on this matter(of giving) He also makes provision as to what the “poor” can bring as an offering.
“If he is poor and cannot afford these offerings, he will bring one male lamb as a Compensation-Offering to be offered as a Wave-Offering to make atonement for him, and with it a couple of quarts of fine flour mixed with oil for a Grain-Offering, a pint of oil, and two doves or pigeons which he can afford, one for an Absolution-Offering and the other for a Whole-Burnt-Offering.” [Leviticus 14:21-22 MSG]

In order words, each one should give cheerfully according to what God has blessed him/her with.
Today, don’t wait until you have a million…Give the little you have and watch God multiple your gifts to him.
Oh, and just in case you don’t have any cash to offer give God your best dance steps, your loudest shout and your brightest smile.

Living alone- The life of a bachelor

Thanks to the impact of churches like House on the rock and Daystar Christian centre, where cleanliness is literally wired consciously and unconsciously into the minds of parishioners, the constant use of their state of the art facilities has helped me to master the art of washing my hands after using the restroom.

However, that habit hasn’t quite transited into my kitchen practice…

After few successes and many failed attempts, I decided to write me a caution note placed on the wall separating my kitchen from my toilet.
Hopefully, with this new development the rate at which I accidentally anoint my urinary organ with pepper would reduce drastically and consequently less time would be spent standing in front of the fan trying to put out the fire…
Shaking my head at moi.